Dear global citizens, fellows, friends and our value customers, I, Ki Deuk Kim, Vice Chairman & CEO of Sungwang E&F heartly welcome all of you to join our effort to protect our only planet

from the plastic pollution for the coming generations.

We, Sungwang E&F is committed to the improvement of human health, quality life experience and environment protection through eco-friendly wood products from the drinking straw, cutlery and kitchen ware made of pure natural wood. 

Our journey as a green company started in 2005, since then we have strived to develop environment friendly wood crafting technology and skills.

In 2016, we acquired a local Indonesian woodcraft company to have a stable supply chain of high quality woods such as Teak, Mahogany and so on.

In 2020, we started to devise natural wood drinking straw manufacturing machines to solve the global plastic pollution issues coming from the single use plastic goods with our R&D team in Korea.

Now, we are really happy to announce that we have completed our first journey to the automatic wood straw manufacturing machine and it automation.

I believe that we can greatly contribute to the environment protection from the plastic straw pollution and we hope you can join us in saving the world with just a piece of wood straw.